You need to hear: Denison Witmer

He may be fifteen years and nine albums into his career, but Denison Witmer is a new name to us. His latest album, The Ones Who Wait, is a reflection of his understanding of self and the growth that comes through life experience. It is an intimate take on the daily struggle of life, relationships, love both lasting and transient, and the sense of helplessness without ever expressing any sense of futility.

In Denison’s own words, the album is about “patience and reverence. Being mindful and open to what you’re experiencing. A desire to take hold of what’s happening in your life, yet trusting the mystery of it enough to let go and participate rather than dictate.” It is his lyrical insights which give this stunning album its core and emotional power.

Released on March 6th, this album is highly recommended, particularly for fans of Jackson Browne, early Paul Simon, and Josh Rouse.


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