Who Are Triptides?

Triptides - Surf rock USA

Channeling the spirit of the beach from long forgotten radio waves echoing throughout space, Triptides create swells of surfy bliss breaking on the shores of fuzz-drenched psychedelia. Starting out as the bedroom project of Glenn Brigman (guitar/vocals) and Josh Menashe (bass/vocals) in late 2010, the band quickly carved out a spot for themselves in the American underground scene. Despite hailing from landlocked Bloomington, Indiana and coping with the time constraints of attending college, Triptides have thrived.

From packed basements to festival stages, Triptides deliver earth-shattering performances and create organised chaos wherever they play – transforming once docile crowds into a multitude of hip shakin’, hair wavin’ fanatics. The melting tones of Brigman’s vocal coupled with the smooth lines of Menashe’s precision bass, and dynamic explosion that is Josh Morrow’s drumming saturate the spectrum completely, unleashing a kind of energy that could melt magnetic tape.

Having released two online EPs and one full length, Triptides have also toured across America over the past year, gaining fans all over. They are now set to release their debut album after linking with Stroll On Records. The release will see them take their sound to a greater audience.

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