Allah-Las: all you need to know in one minute…

Allah-Las Surf Band from California - reference The Paisley Underground
Who are they: Spencer Dunham – Bass | Pedrum Siadatian – Lead Guitar | Miles Michaud – Vocals, Guitar | Matt Correia – Drummer

From where: Southern California

In the ballpark with: The Zombies, The Byrds, The Yardbirds, The 13th Floor Elevators

Describing words: Surf, Sun, Sand, Scuzz and Vans (The transportation type, not the nice pumps!)

Wanna see: The Shacklewell Arms (London) – 10.12.2012

How can I consume: CD / LP out today

Where can I be their friend: Facebook

Footnote: Everything is shit in the UK, in the winter – this album is quite obviously a better place to be.


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