Band of the week: Ghost Pal

Ghost Pal Band of the Week - 360 Degree Music Blog

This track is a bittersweet tune from Ghost Pal and is a wonderfully twisted pop song that shows real respect for pop music, and the way it is supposed to be played. The track continually builds with the use of many different instruments giving the track great depth.The songs subject matter is a sweet tale of a wildebeest which is tragic, funny and beautiful.



Introducing: Binary

Binary UK four piece rock band

London four piece Binary released their debut single ‘Prisoner’ at the end of last year and have since been busy writing and recording new material, the first of which is ‘Modern Man’ released through their own 7” label imprint Echoplex on 4th June.

Collaborating with Sean Beavan (NIN/Marilyn Manson) ‘Modern Man’ is Binary’s heaviest and angst driven material to date. Of the single, front man David Troster says, “we wanted to do something that was a lot more angry. I wanted to just rail against all the bullshit and vapid pop that seems to be prevalent in music these days.”

Take the time, stick in a dime and give it a whirl…

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Who the hell is: Logikparty?

Logikparty Dublin Punk Band
Who are you, where are you from, and how did you become Logikparty?

We are Stevie, Daniel, Gib, and Benni and we are a 21st century post-punk band from Dublin, Ireland. We got together just over 2 years ago. Initially it was on a fairly casual basis as four people who, in a round- about kind of way, knew of each other and just wanted to make some music.  We were all really into the stuff that we were coming out with and decided to focus the whole thing a little bit more.

Tell us about your track “Anti Omerta?”

“Anti Omerta” is the first track on our debut album Oh Cult! which just came out on White Plague Records. We like playing this one live a lot.

In this age of blatantly crafted bland radio tunes it’s great to hear a band with the spirit of punk. Who would you say has been your major musical influence?

We’ve a whole bunch of influences, both individual and shared. Lots of people, scenes for lots of different reasons and from so many different genres. I guess in the grand scheme of things, anyone who has or is getting out there and doing things themselves, making things happen, and creating something that’s genuine is something we find really influential and inspiring.

What is the first piece of life changing music you heard?

That will be very different for everyone in the band of course! But for me things took a huge turn when I heard “She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division. I was about 12 and a full on purist metaller due to my older brother and sister’s influence… when I heard that tune everything changed.

Where do you sit in the MP3/vinyl debate?

We prefer vinyl as a format and it’s very important to us that our releases are on vinyl as well as digital. As regards to sound, vinyl records ultimately sounds better than MP3s. It’s also a more tangible format that increases in value with time. The other side of the coin is that generally speaking the vast majority of people listen to music digitally and most new music is discovered by hearing MP3s online, through blogs etc. That in itself means that MP3s are of value too! To us though, vinyl is a collectable thing of beauty. MP3s are just a series of 1s and 0s.

If people want to see you or buy your stuff where should they go?

Check out your local record store, depending on where you are you might find us there! We’re stocked in Rough Trade, Norman Records, and a few other places too. You can check out our stuff and keep up with us on our website – you can buy stuff directly from there too.

What are your plans and hopes for this year?

Well since the album came out a few weeks ago, that’s a pretty big plan that we’ve already completed. Gigging more is on our list also, including getting back over to the UK and into Europe. Hopefully play a few festivals and ultimately get working on some new tunes.

Name one thing no one knows about the band?

We have no secrets. I’m pretty sure no one knew that until now…

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Alias Punch: New 4 track EP Hyperborea

Alias Punch - Pyschedelic-Garage band for Florida USA

Alias Punch seem to inhabit a strange and slightly surreal world. It’s a place that appears to exist someway down the psychedelic Yellow Brick Road in a caravan next to Fred Schneider’s angry Love Shack. You’ve only got to look at both sides of the cover art of their new vinyl release to get a feel of where they are coming from.

The band are based in Orlando, Florida and are Dusty Mondy (bass/vocals), Jasper Bleu (guitar/vocals), and Arkie Jay (drums/vocals) and have just released their new 4 track 7″ EP entitled Hyperborea, through Glowmobile Recording Company.

In their own words, they say they have “a relentless ambition that tickles them during the sleepless hours of the night” and you can just imagine them mentally riffing in their 2 am meanderings, then legging it down the road at first light to lay the track down.

All credit to them. They have managed to take the gruelling monotony of life, (again their own words) and mix it into a Psychedelic / Garage / Rock ‘n Roll cocktail that deserves to be imbibed in quantity on a drunken Saturday night. All in all, a very cool piece of work. Party on!



TVDUK/360 Band of the Week: Sufis

Sufis - Nashville band releasing via Burger Records

Burger Records continue there trend of wonderful releases with the announcement of a limited tape from Nashville’s The Sufis. Their track “Wake Up” (featured here) is a wonderfully mysterious summer song, full of tremolo vocal and delight. The backward guitar / flute at the 1.20 mark is a particularly great point. Out in late June, this will see a vinyl release in the UK through Ample Play Records too.


Johnny Headband: New album and UK tour

Detroit based Johnny Headband are brothers Chad and Keith Thompson (Electric Six’s bass player) with RGS filling in the drumming duties. The trio have just this week released their excellent new LP, Who Cooks For You.

The album was self recorded with Chad at the controls calling on his expertise as an audio engineer and producer—and the boys have managed to pull of a really cool off-kilter album that is pretty impossible to categorise.

The 9 tracks on the album skirt successfully across multiple genres: from electronica and disco through to fuzzy-pop and Shoegaze. On the surface, something this indefinable could fail, but the songwriting is excellent and the album swirls and threads perfectly from track to track.

Check out Johnny Headband as they hit the UK…

UK Tour Dates:

May 18 The Bedroom Bar, London
May 19 Manor House, London
May 20 The Vic, Swindon
May 22 Unplug Birmingham
May 23 The Brickyard, Carlisle
May 24 ABC, Glasgow
May 25 O2 Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne
May 26 O2 Academy, Sheffield
May 27 Sin City, Swansea
May 28 The DuchessYork
May 29 O2 Academy Birmingham
May 30 O2 Academy Liverpool
May 31 O2 Academy Bristol
Jun 01 O2 Academy Oxford
Jun 02 O2 Academy Islington, London
Jun 03 Brass Monkey, Hastings


Band of The Week: Gap Dream

This simply stunning debut album from Gap Dream is looking like it will get an official release through Sounds Of Sweet Nothing in the coming months. The trippy organs and fascinating instrumental arrangements that flow throughout this self-titled debut album make this listen a truly mesmerizing experience.

Cleveland’s own Gabriel Fulvimar plays on and writes all the songs here except for a wonderful cover of The Squires’ “Go Ahead.” His talents really are something and this album really needs to be heard.

Stream the whole album below:


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